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Working collaboratively, tenthirtyart respond to a site or space in a way that reflects our individual practices, and our common interest in creating a cohesive site-specific installation. We are actively seeking new sites to respond to, please contact us if you know of somewhere interesting.

tenthirty news!
tenthirty will be back at Camden Image Gallery, London  with new work in 'May Day M'Aidez MAYDAY' 11-16 May 2021*.

The start of Spring brings new possibilities, connections with the natural world and human history and opportunities to reflect on what might be – and what might have been.
Mixing the personal with the political, and the aesthetic with the archive, subjects and objects will include fire, dragon and other folk festivals from the month of May, including some which have been forbidden.
The circle and cycles of life, the roads not taken, the commercialisation of folk traditions (including the Queen’s own tartan), responses to the climate crisis and its impact are all brought together by guest curator Sally Gorham.
We are living in turbulent times, please help.

(*This exhibition has been rescheduled from 2020 due to Covid-19 restrictions.)